University ACICIS Study Indonesia Liaison Person
Name: Ms Kimberly Siemensma
Position: Acting Manager (La Trobe Abroad)

ACICIS Study Abroad Liaison Person

Name: Mrs Harshini Egorov
Position: Senior Coordinator – Asia

Specific ACICIS program contacts are:

Flexible Language Immersion Program
Name: Dr Zane Goebel
Position: Head of Indonesian Program

International Relations Program
Name: Professor Nick Bisley
Position: Program Convenor (Politics & International Relations)


For more information on ACICIS programs at your university, see the following links:

ACICIS Alumni@yourUni

Are you a La Trobe student currently considering an ACICIS program? Would you like to find out more about life in Indonesia? Below is a list of ACICIS Alumni who can provide information about their experiences in Indonesia on ACICIS. Please feel free to contact them.