ACICIS students are routinely advised to maintain vigilance regarding their personal safety.

Students have been informed that Indonesia’s National Disaster Mitigation Agency has identified increased volcanic activity in Bali’s Mount Agung, and has warned residents and tourists to avoid the exclusion zone declared around the mountain.

ACICIS continues to monitor this situation, but this volcanic activity is localised at Mt Agung, and presents no threat to any of the locations on Java where ACICIS hosts study programs.

There appears to be no current specific threats to foreign students in Indonesia, and all current ACICIS participants continue to enjoy their ‘in-country’ study experience.

As in any large and diverse country, incidents of concern occur from time to time in various locations around Indonesia. However, we stress that the situation in the cities and towns where ACICIS students study at their host universities remains safe and calm.

During emergency situations, ACICIS follows an agreed Risk Management Strategy. The Resident Director and ACICIS’ Indonesia-based staff are on call, available to any students wishing to speak with them at any time. The Resident Director, who is well informed about the security situation, is also the designated area warden for the Yogyakarta area for the Australian Embassy in Jakarta and is thus kept directly up to date on potential problems by the embassy.

From their arrival in Indonesia, if possible, students are required to be registered with the embassy of their home country and are informed when Australian Government travel advisories are reviewed with new safety and security information. They are instructed to maintain the highest possible level of personal security at all times. ACICIS policy remains that all programs currently continue to operate but if any student wishes to leave, they are free to do so at any time.

The Resident Director liaises closely with host university staff to ensure there is a high level of appreciation on the importance of security at all times. The mood at the host universities and in the communities within which the students reside continues to be calm and welcoming.

If you have any concerns regarding this matter, please ring the ACICIS Secretariat on +61 8 6488 6675 or email

Professor David T. Hill AM
ACICIS Consortium Director
25 September 2017