Jakarta, 23 January 2018

At approximately 1:30pm local time today (Tuesday 23 January), a 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Lebak, Banten province, with strong effects felt in Jakarta, 153 kilometres away. At the time of writing, there had been no reports of significant damage or injury.

Immediately after the tremor was felt by ACICIS’ Indonesia based-staff, steps were taken to confirm the whereabouts of all students participating in ACICIS programs. All students have since been contacted and accounted for as safe.  The vast majority of ACICIS Jakarta Professional Practicum participants were at their placements at the time. Most participants have since been able to re-enter their office buildings following precautionary evacuations in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake.

All students have been reminded of the general advice provided to them by ACICIS at orientation regarding earthquake preparedness. Students have also been asked to contact friends and family back home to provide reassurance and confirmation of their safety and well-being.

At this stage, ACICIS programs currently underway in Jakarta, Bandung and Salatiga will continue as normal. Likewise, ACICIS programs due to get underway in Bogor, Yogyakarta and Salatiga next week will proceed as planned.

Regardless, all students have been assured that if they feel disturbed by today’s earthquake – or at all unsafe – they should contact ACICIS in-country staff who are available to discuss any concerns they might have.

Similarly, staff at the ACICIS Secretariat in Perth are available to field any questions family, friends and member university staff might have about student safety and welfare at this time.  Queries may be directed to the ACICIS Secretariat on 08 6488 6675 or at acicis@acicis.edu.au.

Prof David T. Hill AM
ACICIS Consortium Director