The Public Health Study Tour (PHST) will include:


Location Day Activity Topic
Yogyakarta 1 Students arrive and check in
Orientation Sessions Welcome and Tour Overview
 2 Orientation Sessions Health and Security Briefing
Seminar A: Introduction to Indonesia Indonesian Modern History, Culture, Politics and Society
Cultural Activity (optional)
3 ‘Indonesian Survival’ intensive Indonesian Language Classes
 4 Seminar B: General Overview of the Indonesian Public Health System Health systems in Indonesia
Field Trip 1: Visit to riverside community Water and Sanitation Management
5 Seminar C: Communicable Diseases Dengue & Malaria Prevention and Response in Rural Setting
Field Trip 2: Eliminate Dengue Project Site Visit Dengue & Malaria Prevention and Response in Rural Setting
6 Field Trip 3a: Puskesmas (Community Health Centre) Observing and interviewing health practitioners and patients
Field Trip 3b: Posyandu (Maternal and child health care centre) Maternal and child health in rural areas
Preparations for group presentations
7 Seminar D: Rural Public Health Service Delivery and Access Challenges Abortion and other reproductive health challenges and responses in rural areas
Field Trip 4: Women’s Crisis Centre Gender health and reproductive health
8 Group Presentations
 Jakarta 9 Travel to Jakarta
10 Opening Ceremony at Universitas Indonesia (UI)
Campus Tour
Cultural Activity (optional)
11 Seminar E: Indonesia Health Development Overview Public Health in Indonesia, National Health Development Strategy
Seminar F: Sexual and Reproductive Health Reproductive health and family planning policy
12 Field Trip 5: Puskesmas Primary care in urban areas
Seminar G: Environmental Health in Urban Areas Environmental health challenges in urban areas; waste management
Field Trip 6: Food Safety & Preparation Comparison of UI Canteen and Warung/Market
13 Seminar H: Quality of Health Care in Indonesia Management and best practices of quality health care in Indonesia
Field Trip 7: Public Hospital Observing hospital programs and activities in treatment and prevention
 14 Seminar I: Non-Communicable and Communicable Diseases  Non-communicable disease in Indonesia: Situation and prevention program: Tobacco control; Communicable disease: HIV/AIDS in Indonesia
Preparations for group presentations
 15 Group Presentations
Farewell Dinner
 16 Students depart

Please note: This itinerary may be subject to change