Malang at 6am

By Brooke Nolan (Semester 30/Feb 2010) University of Western Australia ‘Like a fried banana?’ said Yonky, grinning. No, I wasn’t in a warung or a pasar or the local banci-run hairdressing salon. It was 6am and my tennis lesson was about to start. Yonky, my coach, must have gathered from [...]

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My JPP Experience

By Tania Butterfield, JPP 2010 AsiaNZ Foundation Indonesia is rarely reported in the news here in New Zealand and so when I applied for the AsiaNZ scholarship to take part in the Australian Consortium for 'In-Country' Indonesian Studies Journalism Professional Practicum [ACICIS JPP] I knew it would be the experience [...]

Lessons from Globe Asia

By Virginia Tapp, JPP 2010
University of Queensland

When in doubt, don't waste time googling something that the person next to you can easily explain. At GA everyone is willing to help with contacts, information or general knowledge.

Inside Indonesia

By Virginia Tapp, JPP 2010 University of Queensland You've all seen the newspaper headlines, the aftermath of the terrorist bombings and the DFAT travel warnings. So much, in fact, that the word Indonesia has gained the power to strike fear into the heart of many westerners. I know because I [...]

Here come the rains!

By Lauren Russell (Semester 29/Aug 2009) University of Sydney The wet season in Indonesia has begun in force! At the moment the rain is falling so hard on my noisy roof that it is impossible to sleep. The rain seems to fall with such force here. Like the raindrops are [...]

Indonesia is like life with the volume turned up

By Andrew Livingstone, JPP 2009
University of Canterbury

As a journalist, there are two important things I always try to remember: take every opportunity that comes your way, and be aware of others’ agendas.

An American Student in Indonesia

By Heather Christie (Semester 27/Aug 2008) St Lawrence University My name is Heather Christie and I believe I am one of a small handful of Americans to ever travel with ACICIS. I first thought of going abroad to Indonesia in the fall of 2007, several months after I began learning [...]

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All the Reasons Why

By Brooke Nolan (Semester 27/Aug 2008) Curtin University “Why do you like going to Indonesia?” I was asked shortly before leaving for my ACICIS semester in Malang. Why do people like chocolate? Or good wine? Or spectacular sunsets? As with these questions, I had never considered exactly why I have [...]

Food Glorious Food

By Ada Castle (Semester 27/Aug 2008) Monash University In the spirit of my room being right next to the kitchen in my kos(student dorm), I thought it was time for an update on Jogja - through food - before i leave in just over 3 weeks! I will seriously be getting [...]

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A Lesson in Cultural Sensitivity

By Michael Costa (Semester 26/Feb 2008)
Deakin University

I undertook Islamic units in philosophy, teachings and business to get my head around what it meant to be a Muslim.

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