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Here come the rains!

By Lauren Russell (Semester 29/Aug 2009) University of Sydney The wet season in Indonesia has begun in force! At the moment the rain is falling so hard on my noisy roof that it is impossible to sleep. The rain seems to fall with such force here. Like the raindrops are [...]

All the Reasons Why

By Brooke Nolan (Semester 27/Aug 2008) Curtin University “Why do you like going to Indonesia?” I was asked shortly before leaving for my ACICIS semester in Malang. Why do people like chocolate? Or good wine? Or spectacular sunsets? As with these questions, I had never considered exactly why I have [...]

What is UII like?

By Thomas Coghlan (Semester 27/Aug 2008) Private student, Victoria It’s been great so far. Lots of fun living in Yogya and travelling around, and things are going well at Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII). In terms of the university, they have been fantastic. They are very well organised, all the lecturers [...]

From Kecap Manis to Kota Manis

By Elena Williams (Semester 20/Feb 2005) University of Sydney When I was five years old I tasted my first bowl of nasi goreng at my Darwin primary school’s annual Indonesian Day. I remember thinking it was too sweet, doused in Indonesia’s famous kecap manis (sweet soy sauce); little did I [...]

Do you have to wear a hijab?

By Rebecca Livermore (Semester 24/Feb 2007) University of Tasmania “Do you have to wear a hijab?”, is what everyone wanted to know, a guaranteed question after I had said that I’d received a scholarship to attend an Islamic University in Indonesia. My head was full of at least a hundred [...]

Lebaran in Yogya

By Anne Dickson (Semester 23/Aug 2006)
University of New South Wales

Approaching the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, the whole of Indonesia was on the move. People travelled home to celebrate Idul Fitri/Lebaran - the "Ramadan-is-over" festival.

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Visiting Mount Bromo

By Esther Sainsbury (Semester 22/Feb 2006 & Semester 23/Aug 2006) The Australian National University After moving to Malang for second semester to begin the research component of my year in Indonesia, I thought I would write a review of one of the most beautiful attractions in the surrounding area: Mt [...]

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Semester vs Short Course

By Ben Davis (Semester 22/Feb 2006) University of Sydney Having experienced both the ACICIS program (at UGM in Yogya) and a privately-organised short-course to Padang, Sumatera, I can offer some pretty good tips to students planning on taking the plunge into Indonesian exchange. Although both experiences were fantastic, I have [...]

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Yogyakarta – Seven Years On

By Catherine Mills (Semester 8/Feb 1999 & Semester 22/Feb 2006)
Curtin University/Private Participant

After having conducted her honours research while in Yogya with ACICIS in 1999, Catherine decided to do another semester of in-country study again in 2006 and attended classes at UGM.

Reflections on Yogya

By Adelle Neary (Semester 22/Feb 2006) The University of Adelaide I have now been in this country for three and a half months. It occurred to me today that there are loads of crazy things that happen around me, some not so crazy but still pretty weird, whose impact have [...]

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