Indonesia School Tours

ACICIS Indonesia School Tours build upon ACICIS’ extensive experience as a provider of quality in-country language programs for university students and teachers. School tours are delivered by our highly experienced in-country staff and are flexible enough to accommodate the varied needs of school groups.

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East Java Field Study (EJFS)

ACICIS offers advanced language students capable of independent study the opportunity to undertake field research in East Java through Universitas Muhammadiyah, Malang (UnMuh). Students usually undertake the field study option following a semester at UGM, though it is possible to do it in their first semester.

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West Java Field Study Program (WJFS)

The West Java Field Studies program hosted by Universitas Katolik Parahyangan (UNPAR), Bandung, West Java, is a semester-long field study option. Students propose, refine, and undertake a semester-long field study project under the guidance of a nominated UNPAR supervisor. It is open to advance Indonesian-language students (who compose their mini-thesis in Indonesian) and non-Indonesian speakers for whom all course components are conducted in English.

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Indonesian Language Teacher Immersion (ILTI)

The Indonesian Language Teacher Immersion (ILTI) program is designed to produce high-quality Indonesian language teachers through a tailored ‘in-country’ program, based at the prestigious Universitas Sanata Dharma (USD) in Yogyakarta. USD is well-known for its educational expertise and maintains an extensive network with local feeder schools through which practicum activities are conducted.

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Development Studies Immersion (DSIP)

The ACICIS Development Studies Immersion Program (DSIP) is a semester-long community development option hosted by Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), Yogyakarta. The DSIP runs parallel to other ACICIS programs at UGM, but has the important distinction of an eight week community development field work module.

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Flexible Language Immersion (FLIP)

The Flexible Language Immersion Program is ACICIS’ largest and longest standing in-country study program. Hosted by one of Indonesia’s premier universities, Gadjah Mada University (UGM), the language immersion program offers participants great flexibility in designing a study program to meet home university equivalency requirements or to suit a student's personal interests.

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