The Distillery Asia

About The Distillery With our origins from Sydney, Australia, The Distillery design and craft Asia’s finest wedding and business stationery from our studio in downtown Kemang, Jakarta. The beauty of letterpress is driven by our human curiosity to rediscover the authenticity of understated elegance. Bespoke and crafted [...]

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Aksara Yogyakarta

About Aksara Established in 2007, Perkumpulan Aksara is a Non-Governmental Organisation working in gender equality and women's rights. The name "Aksara" itself was driven from a Sanskrit language, showing a commitment in developing critical awareness through education and empowerment. Aksara's main projects focus on good governance, disaster risk management and [...]

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About EngageMedia EngageMedia is a not-for-profit Video for Change organisation that began in March 2005. The organisation focuses on creating social change through the distribution of human rights and environmental video, media and technology capacity building, research, network development and digital rights advocacy. EngageMedia specialises in: video [...]

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About Aksara Established in 2001, Aksara is quite simply the best place to shop for books, gifts and music in Jakarta. Requirements TBC Intern Duties TBC Work Hours Flexible working hours Location Jl. Kemang Raya 8B / Pacific Place 4th fl. / Jakarta

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World Agroforestry Centre

About the World Agroforestry Centre: The World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) is a CGIAR Consortium Research Centre. ICRAF’s headquarters are in Nairobi, Kenya, with six regional offices located in Cameroon, China, India, Indonesia, Kenya and Peru. The Centre’s vision is a rural transformation throughout the tropics as smallholder households increase their [...]

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About AUSTREX Australian Rural Exports Pty Ltd (AUSTREX) is a leading and responsible supplier of quality livestock, genetics and livestock management solutions to all major markets around the world. Since 1973, AUSTREX has established a reputation for integrity, quality and reliability with a recognised history in the safe and humane [...]

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IDEP Foundation

About IDEP Foundation Idep Selaras Alam Foundation - widely known as just “IDEP”, is a medium scale, not for profit organization based in Bali, Indonesia. In the Balinese language, idep is the aspect of human consciousness that is our ability to think and plan critically. The name conveys our belief that [...]

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The Asia Foundation

About The Asia Foundation The Asia Foundation is conducting SETAPAK 2 Program, supported by the British Government on Climate Change Unit ( UKCCU ). The program aims to improve forest and land governance in Indonesia, with a focus on increasing transparency and accountability and strengthening rule of law in all [...]

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Professional Placement (IRP)

IRP Professional Placements cover a wide range of organisations from the international relations sector. Depending on the organisation and current programs, students can expect to be involved in a wide range of tasks. Students are assigned mentors in the workplace to guide them over the placement period. Host organisations for the IRP Professional Placement [...]

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Skytree Solutions

About Skytree Solutions Skytree Solutions is a young and dynamic company based in South East Asia, specifically in strategic business management and information technology. They create technology-based business solutions with a healthy dose of innovation and creativity. The business solutions are specifically created to deliver significant business value with a [...]

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