Student Profile: Emily Woods (BPP 2017)

Business Professional Practicum Emily Woods is a participant in the 2017 Business Professional Practicum from Curtin University. Emily is studying a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in International Business. Emily received a $3,000 New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant to support her participation in this program. Q: Why did [...] is a project initiated by the Urban Risk Lab at MIT (Massachussets Institute of Technology). The objective of the project is to further develop the CogniCity Open Source Software as a free, transparent, enterprise-level platform for emergency response and disaster management in mega-cities in South and Southeast Asia. As [...]

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ARCOLABS mission is to enhance creativity and innovation within and beyond the university through a variety of practice based programs including visual art exhibitions, community development projects, hands-on workshops, student research, and other events. By providing an innovative and multicultural environment for advanced and quality research, ARCOLABS seeks [...]

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Prime Consultancy

About PRIME Consultancy PRIME Consultancy is a management consulting specialist based in Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital and most important economic center. Since our incorporation in January 2011, we are focusing our services on Market Entry Support and Management Advisory as well as Corporate Finance Solutions including Export Credit Agency Financing and Renewable [...]

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About Aksara Established in 2001, Aksara is quite simply the best place to shop for books, gifts and music in Jakarta. Requirements TBC Intern Duties TBC Work Hours Flexible working hours Location Jl. Kemang Raya 8B / Pacific Place 4th fl. / Jakarta

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About BLST PT Bogor Life Science and Technology (BLST) is a holding company owned by Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). BLST engages in the commercialisation and business development of IPB’s research and innovation sector. Several sectors that are developed include: Horticulture seeds Pepaya Calina (Californian Papaya) Ornamental chili Tora tomato Black Soybean [...]

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About Bedo BEDO (Business and Export Development Organisation) is a not-for-profit Business Support Organization (BSO) dedicated to the support of Indonesian SMEs (social medium entreprises) in their national & international strategies. They facilitate and organize SMEs capacity building programs supported by various national and international organizations such as DGNED, APINDO, CBI, PUM [...]

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About Yayasan Sahabat Lingkungan Hidup (EcoCamp) Yayasan Sahabat Lingkungan Hidup (EcoCamp) runs an Eco Learning Camp (ECL) which looks at non formal living values and education through environment and nature, integrated with science and culture, and raises awareness to participants to be caring towards the environment. Sahabat Lingkungan Hidup's began in 2002 and [...]

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