Indonesia School Tours

Wedderburn College Students in Yogyakarta

ACICIS was very excited to welcome three students and two accompanying teachers from Wedderburn College (Victoria) to Yogyakarta on 27 September 2015.

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School Tours Enquiry Form

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The concept behind Out of Class Language Activities (OOCLAs) was developed by A/Prof David Reeve of the University of New South Wales when he was Academic Coordinator for the ACICIS Indonesian Language Teacher Immersion (ILTI) program. OOCLAs and tutorials in general are activities designed to force students to activate their [...]

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Security & Safety (IST)

ACICIS regards the safety and security of our students 'in-country' as our first priority. There are several factors which make ACICIS confident about the security of in-country participants: ACICIS has a comprehensive risk management plan for Yogyakarta that is regularly updated. ACICIS staff are on 24 hour call to manage [...]

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Sample Itinerary (IST)

The tours are designed to be as flexible as possible. Schools are free to select field trips and school visits from the list of options provided. Timetables for teaching may also be shuffled around. ACICIS recommends using the following as a template to start with. The ACICIS Tour Program Coordinator can [...]

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Field Trips & School Visits (IST)

Together with the ACICIS Tour Program Coordinator, schools can assemble the package that best suits their needs. Schools can choose their half day field trips and school visits from the list below. ACICIS recommends that schools choose a good mixture of half day field trips and especially field trips that [...]

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Tour Components (IST)

Language Classes Language classes are a core compulsory component of all tours. Class hours are set at a minimum of 10 hours per week (5 x two hour classes). All teachers are native speakers and have extensive experience in delivering courses from complete beginners to advanced students. The language classes [...]

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Tour Costs

In order to book an ACICIS Indonesia School Tour, you must pay an $900 deposit. This deposit will ensure your dates are confirmed and locked-in. What’s included in the tour? • Tour leader and a full time staff assisting the group; • Airport pick-up; • Transport: Minibus for the whole [...]

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Other Programs

Indonesia Language Short Course (ILSC) Indonesia School Tours (IST) Indonesia From the Ground Up (IFGU) Public Health Study Tour (PHST)

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Indonesia School Tours

ACICIS Indonesia School Tours build upon ACICIS’ extensive experience as a provider of quality in-country language programs for university students and teachers. School tours are delivered by our highly experienced in-country staff and are flexible enough to accommodate the varied needs of school groups.

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