About Bedo BEDO (Business and Export Development Organisation) is a not-for-profit Business Support Organization (BSO) dedicated to the support of Indonesian SMEs (social medium entreprises) in their national & international strategies. They facilitate and organize SMEs capacity building programs supported by various national and international organizations such as DGNED, APINDO, CBI, PUM [...]

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Professional Placement (IRP)

IRP Professional Placements cover a wide range of organisations from the international relations sector. Depending on the organisation and current programs, students can expect to be involved in a wide range of tasks. Students are assigned mentors in the workplace to guide them over the placement period. Host organisations for the IRP Professional Placement [...]

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About Indomobil PT Indomobil Sukses International Tbk is an Indonesia-based company primarily engaged in the automotive industry. Its business activities include assembling and distributing automobiles, buses, trucks and heavy equipment as well as its components. The company, through its subsidiaries, holds trademark licenses of several brands, such as Audi, Datsun, Foton, [...]

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Astra International

About Astra International Astra International jointly-controls entities spanning over six business segments, namely Automotive, Financial Services, Heavy Equipment and Mining, Agribusiness, Infrastructure, Logistics and Others, and Information Technology. Astra International offers a wide range of excellent products and services as well as providing extensive non-business contributions through its corporate social responsibility [...]

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Skytree Solutions

About Skytree Solutions Skytree Solutions is a young and dynamic company based in South East Asia, specifically in strategic business management and information technology. They create technology-based business solutions with a healthy dose of innovation and creativity. The business solutions are specifically created to deliver significant business value with a [...]

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CRMS Indonesia

About CRMS Center for Risk Management Studies (CRMS Indonesia) is a globally recognized organization that is leading the risk management professional capacity building in Indonesia.  Established in 2010, CRMS Indonesia has collaborated with countless Indonesian organizations in training more than 5,000 Indonesian risk professionals, providing them with an opportunity to sharpen their [...]

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About AKATIGA Bandung AKATIGA Bandung is a non-profit organization, actively conducting various research since 1991. AKATIGA is devoted to become a leading research institution for marginal communities in Indonesia, through research activities, advocacy, and sharing knowledge. Through various programs, AKATIGA helps marginals in expanding their access toward sources and policy making [...]

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About Yayasan Sahabat Lingkungan Hidup (EcoCamp) Yayasan Sahabat Lingkungan Hidup (EcoCamp) runs an Eco Learning Camp (ECL) which looks at non formal living values and education through environment and nature, integrated with science and culture, and raises awareness to participants to be caring towards the environment. Sahabat Lingkungan Hidup's began in 2002 and [...]

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International Labour Organisation (ILO)

About International Labour Organisation The International Labour Organisation (ILO) is devoted to advancing opportunities for women and men to obtain decent and productive work in conditions of freedom, equity, security and human dignity. The primary aims of the organisation are to promote rights at work, encourage decent employment opportunities, enhance [...]

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Placements (CADPP)

Industry placements cover a large variety of Indonesia’s creative arts and design sectors, including: Fine Arts, New Media and Arts Management. Depending on the organisation and current programs, students can expect to be involved in a wide range of creative disciplines, such as short film creation, animations, sound and [...]

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