Semester Accommodation

‘Where will I live?’ is the first question that all ACICIS participants have. The good news is that arranging accommodation in Indonesia upon arrival is an easy matter. Your host university international offices and ACICIS will provide you with detailed accommodation guides upon arrival. We also maintain a student buddy [...]

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Practicum Accommodation

Hotel During orientation practicum participants will stay in one of a number of nominated hotels, and you will be send details of your hotel prior to your departure. Twin rooms will be booked so that rooms may be shared to keep costs down for participants. During orientation, information about long-term [...]

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Practicum Costs

How much does a ACICIS Virtual Professional Practicum cost? The ACICIS Professional Practicum Programs are high-quality, intensive academic study programs delivered virtually from Indonesia for Australian and international university students. ACICIS practicum programs combines academic study with a 160 hour professional placement at an Indonesian or international host organisation. [...]

Study In Indonesia

Current Security Security & Safety Travelling with Children Healthcare Financial Help Semester Visa & Immigration Practicum Visa & Immigration [...]

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Kos Life

By Annika Wood (Semester 28/Feb 2009) University of New South Wales The concept of privacy is pretty foreign here so if you are someone who believes strongly in minding one’s own business you better get over that idea pretty fast… or just don’t move into my kos (boarding house). Everything [...]

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My first week in Yogya

By Zahra Matthews (Semester 19/Aug 2004) University of Sydney Well, here I am again in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and it's absolutely wonderful! To answer the question most of you seemed to be asking- yes, I have found a place to live, and no, it's not exactly what you'd call 'good'! But [...]