LEVEL 6 (Advanced)
Course Description Level 6 is the PIBBI program’s most advanced course level. The course is designed to extend students’ language experience through the use of authentic materials, and to increase students’ confidence in using correct grammar and the suitable vocabulary choice when translating and interpreting. Assessments at Level 6 involve a range of text translation, interpreting, and other translation tasks and differ in both format and complexity from those encountered by students in previous course levels.
Learning Outcomes At the end of the course, students who successfully complete this level should be able to:

  1. Converse in a manner acceptable to a native speaker on a diverse range of subjects, using appropriate idiomatic expressions and language and language registers suitable for more complex cultural settings;
  2. Read and synthesise information with significant accuracy from a wide variety of written materials;
  3. Translate authentic written materials such as newspaper articles from English to Indonesian and from Indonesian to English, as well as interpret simple spoken Indonesian at a modest pace – from Indonesian into English;
  4. Demonstrate knowledge and correct usage of more than 4,000 words of Indonesian vocabulary, notably academic and formal vocabulary.
# Component % weighting Notes
1 In-class Tests (x2) 30%
2 In-class Assignments 20%
3 Translation Assignments: Indonesian to English 20%
4 Translation Assignments: English to Indonesian 20%
5 Final Interpreting Task 10%
Workload The course will be taught over a period of three weeks (and approximately 60 contact hours) by UKSW’s Language Training Centre (LTC) from Salatiga, Indonesia.
Prescribed Texts A compilation of authentic materials developed by UKSW’s Language Training Centre for PIBBI Level 6 will be provided to students upon course commencement.


*Please note the information on this page is provisional and is subject to review and change.