ACICIS’ IRP program is composed of the following key components, as outlined below. Students are required to satisfactorily complete all components in order to achieve an overall grade of ‘Satisfactory’ for the program:

Program Structure 1: IRP: Classes and Coursework Only

# Component Weighting Notes
1 Classes and coursework at UNPAR 100% Classes and coursework delivered, supervised and assessed by Parahyangan University’s Department of International Relations. Minimum of 5 Courses taken/15 SKS (Credits) is required to pass.
Minimum Courses  5 Courses Taken equivalent to 15 SKS (Credits)

Program Structure 2: IRP with Professional Placement

# Component Weighting Notes
1 Classes and coursework at UNPAR 65% Classes and coursework delivered, supervised and assessed by Parahyangan University’s Department of International Relations.
2 Completion of Professional Placement 35% For Professional Placement students: Student placement performance supervised and assessed by ACICIS
Minimum Courses 4 Courses Taken equivalent to 12 SKS (Credits)

1 Professional Placement equivalent to 3 SKS (Credits) arranged by ACICIS

1. Classes and coursework at Parahyangan University (UNPAR)

All students undertake full-time study at UNPAR in the Department of International Relations. Students are required to complete a total of 15-18 SKS (credit points) per semester on this program, approximately 5-6 subjects.

Below is a list of subjects taught in English, available to ACICIS students undertaking the IRP:

*The availability of these subjects is contingent on student numbers

N.B. Students should note that they can only select one of the Professional Placement options.

2. Completion of Professional Placement (optional)

Students who opt to undertake the Professional Placement streams will complete their placement either alongside their UNPAR classes (1-2 days per week around classes) or complete their placement as a five-week ‘block’ at the end of their semester.

Throughout either of the professional placement options, students undertake a supervised placement at a participating Host Organisation. Required tasks will vary depending on each Host Organisation, but generally may include: research and report writing, content editing, website editing, translation, data entry, monitoring and evaluation, and other tasks as required by individual Host Organisation. For more details on possible Host Organisations and specific placement tasks and duties by Host Organisation, see here.

Professional Placement – Arranged by ACICIS (160 hours of placement)

Students are assessed as follows:

Pre-Placement Weighting
1 Internship Work Plan 10%
2 Main task achievements and performance 70%
3 Final report and presentation 20%
Total 100%

3. Optional Indonesian Language Classes

Indonesian language classes are also available to students undertaking the International Relations Program. These classes are offered through BIPA (Bahasa Indonesia untuk Penutur Asing- Bahasa Indonesia for Speakers of Other Languages) of Parahyangan Catholic University. The Indonesian language classes are between 45-64 hours in total.

Student can choose between two options for their Optional Indonesian Language Classes:

  1. Earn 4 credit points for their home university as part of the 15 – 18 SKS taken in UNPAR (Depending on the approval from students’ Home University). If students are undertaking Indonesian language classes for credit, they will need to undertake 64 hours of Indonesian language classes.
  2. Take additional classes outside UNPAR’s Department of International Relations without earning any credits (refer to the provided list in item 1). If students are taking the Indonesian language classes NOT for credit, they can undertake the class minimum 45 hours.

Both options will receive a certificate from UNPAR’s BIPA stating the number of hours of language instruction undertaken and an overall mark achieved for this language instruction.

Students must enrol in language classes and confirm if they wanted the class to be credited through UNPAR’s International Office to have their language instruction fees covered as part of their ACICIS tuition fee. This can be done at orientation, with the assistance of ACICIS staff.