About RDI

Resilience Development Initiative (RDI) is an Indonesian think tank initiative that focuses on disaster, environmental change and sustainable development. As an organization promoted by a research team, RDI presents a dynamic group comprising of researchers and academics from various universities and institutions in Indonesia. Our aims is to increase resilience knowledge in Indonesia by contributing creative ideas to approach and solve resilience issues. We conduct community services, research studies that include field surveys, interviews and field observations. RDI publishes working papers, conference proceedings and journal papers. We also actively hold monthly lectures at our university partners and a biannual workshop.

RDI Internship program

Internships at Resilience Development Initiative are voluntarily roles that give you the opportunity to learn and grow towards the understanding of resilience development studies. This program facilitates young researchers to experience how to conduct independence research and collaborative research. Interns of Resilience Development Initiative will be exposed to many prominent research topics of national scale.

Up until June 2016, RDI received 13 interns from 6 different universities, and have seen their capabilities increased as researchers. We are now looking for highly motivated interns who are eager to obtain some research experience.

As an intern you will receive some advantages including:

  • Get open access to research database of RDI
  • Have the privilege to propose research idea according to scope of research concern of RDI
  • Get open access to the network of researchers and other notable members of researchers at RDI

We open internships on topics related to:

  1. Disaster Economics;
  2. Culture and Disaster;
  3. Children and Climate Change;
  4. Biogas Adoption;
  5. Energy Security

Resilience Development Initiative will provide some supports, including office space, training, invited lecture involvement, administrations support, Visa support (for international applicant), equipment and internet connection.

Intern Duties

Being an intern at Resilience Development Initiative, you will be responsible for contributing to preparing working paper, database and research data. In order to do so, you require to be available during RDI working hours 09.00 – 16.00.

You will also have the opportunity to be involved in our field survey, community service, monthly lecture and bi-annual workshop, if these activities are held during the internship program.

The output of the internship program is at least one working paper, which will be published on PreventionWeb (if it is according to the PreventionWeb’s standard).


Bandung based.

Jl. Imperial II, Dago Asri,
Dago, Bandung 40135