About Interkultural Edukasi Partner

Interkultural Edukasi Partner (IEP) is an accredited non=formal education institution registered with both the Department of Education and the Department of Labor in Indonesia. IEP was founded by Yayasan Mitra Pengembangan Indonesia (YMPI – Indonesian Partnership Development Foundation), and launched in 2010. Its main office is located in Bandung, West Java. It also has a branch in Baubau in Southeast Sulawesi. Interkultural Edukasi Partner has an ongoing partnership agreement with Edubiz International Ltd., a registered and fully accredited education provider within Australia.

IEP currently has courses in language acquisition, offering courses in English, Indonesian, Sundanese, Wolio, and Cia-Cia. IEP also offers special expertise and experience in teaching English within the health service sector. Other programs being developed by IEP include information technology, training in caring for the elderly, agribusiness whereas these programs all aim to improve the employment prospects of our students.

Intern Duties

Interns will be involved in some activities, such as:

  • Promotions activities: being involved in website editing for writing content, sourcing media, or to fixing website, and being involved in several events to represent IEP.
  • Teaching: interns would be given a chance to participate teaching in English class, reading club, or even visit another office branch at Southeast Sulawesi, Bau-bau.
  • Another tasks that require intern’s help.

Working Hours

9am-4pm, Monday to Friday


Jl. Terusan Dr. Djundjunan No. 220, Bandung