About BIGS


BIGS aims at developing innovation, new knowledge, and policy recommendation to ensure the emergence of development results that are qualified and can be enjoyed by all tiers of community.

To ensure development benefits are delivered, particularly to groups that currently do not receive benefits from development, BIGS encourage collaboration between government and people. BIGS seeks to encourage constructive collaboration that strengthens the voice of marginalised groups. Constructive collaboration is advantageous to all, and is based on knowledge, technology, and innovation.


BIGS aims to:

  • Develop an understanding of the problems of marginalised groups’ relating to education, health, environment, forest, water, infrastructure, and maritime affairs.
  • Develop technology-based, particularly Information and Communication Technology-based (ICT-based), innovation to improve efficiency of research and advocacy tools that are used by NGOs and other development actors, such as budget analysis tools, Public Expenditure Tracking Survey (PETS), Citizen Report Card (CRC), social audit, mystery shopper, and other instruments.
  • Building dialog with stakeholders by using new knowledges and innovative media to strengthen collaboration, particularly colaboration that can help solving problems of marginal groups.

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Bandung Based

Bandung Institute of Governance Studies ( BIGS )Jl. Rereng Barong (Batik Jogja No. 54 A)
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