Accreditation and Loading

ACICIS assessment is based on a pass/fail basis. ‘Satisfactory’ indicates achievement justifying the successful completion (pass grade minimum) of one regular semester of university credit in Indonesia.

ACICIS has established 12 credit points (12 SKS) as the minimum full-time equivalency load for the fourteen week Indonesian university semester. One credit point consists of:

50 minutes contact time per week (lectures)
60 minutes per week of structured academic work (homework, assignments)
60 minutes of independent study

For example, a typical 3 SKS subject involves 34.9 contact hours, 14 hours of structured academic work, and 14 hours of independent study (62.9 hours in total) over the course of a semester.

ACICIS does not attempt to translate host Indonesian university grades into the system of the sending university. While ACICIS recommends a minimum 12 credit points as a full-time equivalent load, a student’s home university retains the right to determine how much academic credit to award the student for their study while on an ACICIS semester or practicum program.

Results and Assessment Documents

ACICIS will provide a student’s home university with two documents:

1. Official Academic Transcript: from the Indonesian host university consisting of a numeric or alphabetic grade for each subject undertaken;
2. Resident Director’s Report: The Resident Director (RD) provides a one-page report outlining a student’s academic performance and extra-curricular involvement. The report is based on the Resident Director’s contact with a student throughout the course of the program and on a final exit interview. In accordance with standard ACICIS practice, overall student performance will be assessed by the RD only on a “satisfactory/unsatisfactory” basis (equivalent to “ungraded pass / fail”). A student’s home university retains the right to require and grade further assessment tasks, including a portfolio or reflective diary summarising the student’s in-country experience.

Hard copies of a student’s assessment documents will be mailed to the student’s home university within three months of the conclusion of the semester or practicum program. Private participants will have their results forwarded to the address supplied in the original application. Advance electronic copies of a student’s results may be made available earlier. Please contact the ACICIS Secretariat for details. Priority cases can be managed for students who are due to graduate or require them for urgent re-enrolment purposes. If you (or your student) require priority processing of semester program or practicum results, please notify the ACICIS Secretariat as soon as possible so that steps can be taken to expedite their release.

There is a AUD$50 fee for the re-issuance of official university transcripts.

*This assessment information is provided as a general guide only. More detailed information will be provided at the commencement of the semester in Indonesia. ACICIS and Indonesian host universities reserve the right to adjust assessment from time to time where this would improve the educational outcomes for students.