About Project Child

Project Child is a locally-run, community-based NGO, working to alleviate poverty in the coastal and riverside communities of Indonesia, particularly for children. The vision of Project Child is for every child in Indonesia to have the opportunity to learn, to have a healthy start, and to feel supported living in a clean environment that is prepared for natural disasters. Two of Project Child’s main projects are Sekolah Pantai (Beach School) and Sekolah Sungai (River School), which focus on teaching children about basic health and environmental management.


As interning at Project Child will require you to work a lot with children, Project Child requires:

A background in development, social work, business, media and communication.
A Children Protection Policy check (or in Australia: Working with Children Check/WWC). If the prospective intern does not possess one at the start of the internship, Project Child will provide their Children Protection Policy form).
An application comprising a form from Project Child, your CV and an expression of interest detailing your background, skills, and what you can contribute to Project Child.
Positive energy to encourage children and adolescents.

Intern Duties

Working at one of the Sekolah Sungai or Sekolah Pantai project, teaching English and structuring the syllabus;
Campaigns and community events;
Improving Project Child’s volunteering system.

Work Hours

Interns are expected to complete 3 hours x 4 days per week over 2.5 months (or less if the hours are met and organised differently).



Student Profiles

Ian Granit was a participant in the 2019 Development Studies Professional Practicum from Griffith University. Ian is studying a Bachelor of Social Science majoring in Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice.