During the first three weeks, students attend lectures, seminars and discussions at Universitas Muhammadiyah (UnMuh) in Malang. They also meet in groups to discuss their topics with UnMuh staff and arrange various permission letters required for field work.

Field Study
Students complete field work in the East Java area. Any students wishing to undertake field study activities outside these areas must obtain the approval of ACICIS and UnMuh prior to application. As a general rule, such proposals are discouraged due to the limitations of university authority and pastoral support capacity beyond East Java.

Students are free to select any topic and are allocated an UnMuh staff member to act as academic supervisor.

Students return to UnMuh during the final month of semester to write a report on their field study experience. This report is between 8-12,000 words and is usually in Indonesian or, with the approval of the student’s home university, may be in English with a summary in Indonesian. See here for some examples of reports past students have written.

At the end of semester, students submit their final report and present a seminar in Indonesian for UnMuh students and staff, the RD and perhaps some prospective ACICIS field option students. ACICIS field study reports and seminars are assessed by UnMuh academics.