About Yayasan Sheep Indonesia

Yayasan Sheep Indonesia (YSI or Sheep Foundation), short for Society for Health, Education, Environment and Peace, is a non-government organisation with a mandate to empower communities, particularly in the fields of health, education, environmental sustainability and peace. In translating the mandate, Sheep Foundation builds a culture based on a commitment to the poor and the weak, through humanitarian services, that reflect social solidarity, equality, integrity, simplicity and inclusiveness.


Application comprising a form from YSI, your CV and an expression of interest detailing your background, skills, and what you can contribute to YSI. Candidates who match the requirements will be informed about their tasks.

Intern Duties

Assisting YSI with their:

  • Community empowerment and advocacy;
  • Emergency response, rehabilitation, and reconstruction programs;
  • Research programs;
  • Fundraising programs;
  • Support programs.

Work Hours



Jl. Bimokurdo 11, Sapen

Yogyakarta 55221