About Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP)

The Centre for Orangutan Protection was founded in 2007, and works to counter crimes that threaten
orang-utan and their natural habitats. As part of this mandate, COP investigates, documents, exposes, and
if necessary, readily confronts any persons or groups who threaten to disrupt the lives of orang-utan or
local communities living nearby.
COP are at the forefront of saving critically endangered wild animals, and strives to create a second chance
for orang-utan to thrive, whether this be in their natural environments or in captivity.
COP operates several rapid-response teams that work to rehabilitate orang-utan into Labanan, East
Kalimantan. They work wherever orang-utan are in need of assistance, whether this be from the cruelties
of the illegal animal trade, circus performances, or low-standard zoos


  • Commitment.
  • Environmental and animal welfare awareness.
  • Passion for animal welfare.

Intern Duties

  • Documenting COP activities or events;
  • Assistance for the Campaign division and COP camp;

Work Hours

Negotiable and flexible.


Jl. Gito Gati No.100, Tegal Weru, Sariharjo, Kec. Ngaglik, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55581