About Daya Annisa

Daya Annisa is a nonprofit organisation that focuses on women empowerment through micro-business using economic empowerment as an ‘entry point’. Daya Annisa was founded in 2005, and since then they have assisted 854 members; 94% of them are female and 6% are male. This organisation emphasise on the capacity building, financial independence and competitiveness of their members, particularly in establishing and managing small-scale businesses. Daya Annisa’s activities and projects include financial assistance, training, advocacy, consultancy, fund development (through micro-finance services and business development), as well as building partnerships with governmental, higher education, business, and non-governmental institutions.


  • Current Curriculum Vitae and Motivational Letter;
  • Experience in online social media platforms;
  • Basic design skills;
  • Business/marketing background preferred.

Intern Duties

  • Media development and management;
  • Capacity building training;
  • Assistance with Daya Annisa projects.

Work Hours

9.00 – 17.00


Jl. Parangtritis, Bangunharjo, Sewon, Bantul,

Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta