Agrisocio is is a social enterprise in food and agriculture that create products and services in an environmentally and socially responsible system by empowering rural households through sustainable agriculture.


  1. Creating sustainable harvest through integrated farming system
  2. Empowering and Increasing competitiveness of rural hosuholds through technology base on local wisdom
  3. Generate young leaders in agriculture and food
  4. Producing products and services in agriculture and food base on market needs with fair trade system

Requirement of interns
Students with agriculture related background and interest to learn about agriculture in Indonesia.

Possible internship duties
Working closely with farmers in increasing productivity and quality of agriculture products, working with woman groups to add value of agricultural products, creating market system and profit by selling the products.

Work hours
Following our office hour from 08.00 until 17.00 with one hour lunch break.

Location or duty station
At Agrisocio Office
SEAFAST Center First Floor
Jl. Puspa No. 1, IPB Campus, Darmaga, Bogor 16680
Phone: (0251) 8626564