• The program is a competitive entry program.
  • Incomplete application forms will not be reviewed.
  • Applicants nominate preferred sectorial interests and placement types on application forms. Applicants may additionally nominate preferred host organisations but are reminded that there is no guarantee they will receive those preferences. Do not mention preferred industry placement names in your statement of objectives.
  • ACICIS will review applications on the basis of merit (i.e. academic record, voluntary/professional experience and skill-sets).
  • Following this, ACICIS will forward nominated candidates to host organisations for consideration.
  • Host organisations will consider such candidates against their own criteria and requirements. Host organisations will either accept or decline nominated candidates, or make requests for candidates with specific skill-sets. If this occurs, alternative candidates will be suggested.
  • Placement notifications will be delivered in December.

Advice on Selecting Preferences

Applicants should be aware that they are applying for the program, not a specific placement. Whilst ACICIS will endeavour to match student preferences to the places available, students must accept that they may not get their preferred placement. Host organisations retain the right to withdraw from the program or vary the number of participants they host at any stage. There are no ‘premium’ and ‘second rate’ placements. All placements are set up to offer a variety of experiences and opportunities in the Indonesian media sector. Applicants should carefully research the various options available.

Do pay close attention to the statements of objectives. Host organisations read these carefully to appraise the quality of applicants. Write all statements on the assumption that they will be read quickly by a bureau chief or country representative with more than 10 years’ experience in handling interns. The writing style should be professional and devoid of an informal language or irrelevant information. A wishy-washy statement will be interpreted as indicating a candidate with unclear objectives. A poorly written statement of objectives is one of the primary reasons proposed candidates are rejected by host organisations.