ACICIS Professional Practicum – Placement Process

Nominate your Interests

In the application form, nominate your preferred sectorial interests and placement types. You can also nominate preferred host organisations. Applicants should be aware, however, that they are applying for the program, not a specific placement.

Placement Matching

Our staff are experts in matching applicants with host organisations based on their nominated interests. A summary of your application will be submitted to host organisations that are in line with your specific sectorial interests. Please do not contact host organisations independently of ACICIS unless advised otherwise (see below). This is generally not appreciated by host organisations.

Decision Time / Interview

Host organisations will consider applicants against their own criteria and requirements. Some host organisations will interview applicants prior to accepting them for a placement. You will be contacted via email to set up a video interview if this is required by the host organisation. Please don’t worry if you aren’t contacted prior to receiving your placement notification letter. Many host organisations don’t require an interview prior to accepting a student.

Placement Notifications

Notifications will be sent approximately three weeks prior to the start of the program. In most cases, participants will meet their host organisation mentor once the program commences.

Advice to Applicants

As part of your application, pay close attention to your statement of objectives (approximately 500 words). This will be provided to, and reviewed by, host organisations. It is recommended that this statement is treated like a cover letter for a job application. Do not mention any preferred placement names as the statement may be read by multiple host organisations. This statement should include your responses to the following:

● The benefits that you expect to gain from participating in the program.
● The industry specific skills that you will bring to the workplace.
● A few words about your work style and personality.
● How the program relates to your academic and career aspirations.

Important Information

Applicants should be aware that they are applying for the program, not a specific placement. ACICIS cannot guarantee any specific placement. Applicants must accept a need for flexibility as a condition of participation in an ACICIS Professional Practicum.

All placements depend on the goodwill, preparedness and capacity of ACICIS host organisations. The exact composition of participating host organisations changes every practicum intake, and participating hosts retain the right to withdraw from the program or vary the number of participants they host at any stage. Moreover, some host organisations impose additional eligibility criteria. For instance, some host organisations may only accept final year or Masters students or require that participants are enrolled at a university in a particular Australian State or Territory.

While many applicants hope to be placed at one of the ‘big name’ host organisations, it’s important to remember that there are no ‘premium’ or ‘second rate’ placements. All placements are set up to offer a variety of experiences and opportunities, and the vast majority of past participants have had a positive placement experience.