The success of ACICIS Practicum Programs requires the cooperation of ACICIS, all students/participants, and the organisations which host them during their internship. The smooth operation of the Practicum Programs would be enhanced when these three ‘stakeholders’ agree to the following protocol:

ACICIS agrees to:

  • arrange a fortnight of university classes at a partner university in Jakarta.
  • arrange one month of appropriate work experience/internship placement for the participant in a relevant work environment where English is the language of communication.
  • have a staff member (Program Officer) present in Indonesia to assist participants throughout the program with academic matters.
  • provide appropriate advice and support to the host organisation regarding the requirements of the internship for the duration of the program.
  • provide the home university or employer with an evaluation report on each participant, with a recommended pass/fail grade for the practicum.
  • provide participants with full contact details of the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, such as may be required for security purposes, and to inform appropriate Embassy officials of the arrangements for the ACICIS Practicum Programs.
  • assist participants in obtaining the appropriate visa for the program.

The Student/Participant agrees to:

  • accept that they may not get their preferred placement.
  • participate fully in the lecture/workshop activities.
  • participate fully in the working life of the host organisation under the supervision of a mentor, to an extent appropriate to the participant’s level of experience and skill.
  • behave in accordance with the highest professional standards and in a culturally and contextually appropriate manner.

The Host Organisation agrees to:

  • agrees to accept a specified number of ACICIS participants for a one month work experience placement and to provide each participant with:
    • a ‘mentor’ who will supervise and advise the participant
    • on-going advice regarding a student’s duties in that work environment
    • a conducive work environment and facilities for the participant (desk, access to equipment).
  • involve the participant in all the normal activities of the work environment, as appropriate to the participant’s level of experience and skill.
  • provide ACICIS with a brief written assessment report by the mentor on the participant by the end of the internship (1-2 paragraphs).
  • provide ACICIS with feedback on the program and any suggestions for future improvements.