What is ACICIS?
The Australian Consortium for ‘In-Country’ Indonesian Studies (ACICIS) is a non-profit education provider of in-country Indonesian study programs for Australian university students and the primary mechanism through which Australian students pursue study in Indonesia for academic credit.
From small beginnings as a facilitator of accredited in-country Indonesian language study, ACICIS’ program offerings have grown to include semester-long and six-week professional practicum programs in a range of disciplines including journalism, development, business, law, creative arts, agriculture, and international relations.
ACICIS is a consortium of twenty four Australian member universities (including all of the Group of Eight) as well as overseas centres of excellence in the field of Indonesian and Southeast Asian Studies, such as SOAS at the University of London and Leiden University.

What is the LPP?
• A six-week intensive academic and vocational study program for high-achieving upper undergraduate Australian and international law students;
• Students undertake 2 weeks of intensive language learning and industry-led seminars on the Indonesian legal industry;
• Students then complete a 4-week industry internship placement with a participating Australian or Indonesian organisation;
• 30 students are selected on a strictly competitive-entry basis, with evidence of excellent academic achievement, voluntary and professional experience;
• Students are eligible to receive academic credit for the program towards their home degree.

2017 Pilot Program Dates
3 – 7 Jan: Orientation
8-19 Jan: Academic Program
22 Jan – 16 Feb: Supervised Internship Program

What does the LPP offer host organisations?
Via a careful selection process, ACIICS aims to provide Host Organisations with excellent interns with prior practical experience in the legal industry. LPP students can assist your organisation with:

  • Compiling desk reviews on current laws and/or political issues which may be of interest to the Host Organisation’s operations in Indonesia
  • Research assistance and data collection;
  • Field visits to one or more of the Host Organisation’s partners
  • Observing consultations between legal practitioners and their clients or stakeholders
  • Drafting documents and maintaining case files.

Sponsorship Packages
ACICIS is seeking sponsorship from businesses and organisations interested in supporting the development of the LPP through a range of sponsorship packages. Packaging arrangements may include:

  •  One-off or ongoing financial contributions to the ACICIS LPP program
  • Scholarships and/or travel grants provided directly to LPP students, or;

In return, ACICIS will:

  • Acknowledge the support of sponsors and supporters in promotional material;
  • Provide talented interns for industry placements; and
  •  Enable sponsors to attract talented Indonesia-literate graduates to their organisations.

For sponsorship enquiries, please contact ACICIS’ Resident Director, Ms Elena Williams at e.williams@acicis.edu.au

LPP Host Organisations & Placement Options
Host organisations will be drawn widely from Jakarta’s legal sector, including:

  • Legal Research Institutes
  • Human Rights Advocacy
  • Corporate and Commercial Law
  • Legal Aid
  • Migration & Refugee Law
  • Government and Policy
  • International Law
  • Environmental Law

Students are assigned an English speaking mentor in the workplace to guide them through the four-week period.
The LPP Program Officer together with ACICIS’ Jakarta Program Coordinator are assigned for the duration of the LPP to oversee all aspects of the LPP.

How to participate as a Host Organisation

  • By hosting one or more ACICIS LPP interns in your office; or
  • Via in-kind support through the provision of speakers, networking events and/or venue support; or
  • Through tailored sponsorship packages.

Ms Elena Williams, MA
ACICIS Resident Director
M: +62 818 267 712
E: e.williams@acicis.edu.au