About The Learning Farm

The Learning Farm (TLF) is a non profit organization that aims to develop vulnerable youth in Indonesia to become more independent and economically self sufficient. TLF offers a series of life skills education through a 100-day residential training program. Youth aged 15 to 25 years who have backgrounds such as living on the street, dropping out of school, economic disadvantage, orphans, victims of disaster, or young refugees that currently reside in Indonesia, now have the chance to build a better future. TLF equips them by using organic farming as a teaching tool, supported by other soft skills such as bookkeeping, financial literacy, English language, computer skills, personal hygiene, communication, entrepreneurship, etc. Every batch, TLF recruits 40 young people from all over the country. TLF partners with UNHCR to assist refugees that currently reside in Indonesia waiting for the process of resettlement in destination countries.

TLF is located in the fresh and cool air region of Cianjur, 900m above sea level. All students and staff members are provided with dormitory and daily meals.


  • Passion in youth and farming
  • Keen to learn about new cultures / open-minded
  • Interested in sharing/ teaching (farming/agriculture, English, etc)
  • Culturally sensitive and respect for all TLF students and staff
  • Have initiative to do or help wherever possible

Intern Duties

  • The duty is mainly as facilitator. On the farm, we also have regular activities and lesson plans that volunteers can partake based on discussion with Program Manager/Headmaster. For English, we have lessons plans and resources from previous volunteers but the intern can use their creativity to enrich the teaching resources and lesson plans.
  • The intern will also support TLF in drafting a monthly newsletter in coordination with the External Relation Officer as well as reviewing reports/ publication tools that are written in English.
  • Other than that, TLF encourages the intern to join the students’ activities in the classroom and on the farm, as well as helping out in the kitchen.

Working Hours:

07.00 AM  – 05.00 PM, Monday to Saturday.

Some activities take place in the evening. These are not mandatory but volunteers are encouraged to take part. Since it is a residential training program, there are no fixed working hours as long as all required tasks are completed.


The Learning Farm

Kp Rawa Benceuh RT 04/09, Desa Kawung Luwuk
Kecamatan Sukaresmi, Kabupaten Cianjur 43254
West Java, Indonesia

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