ACICIS is thrilled to be welcoming in total of 114 students: 112 students from 17 Australian universities, one private applicant and one student from an international university onto our Professional Practicum programs in Summer 2024. We are pleased to see an increase in student number from last year and hope to see this number continue to grow in the future iterations of the programs. We are so pleased to be able to offer these fantastic opportunities again to students!

Of the 114 students undertaking study through ACICIS in summer 2024, 96 are doing so with the assistance of New Colombo Plan Mobility Grants. The breakdown of summer 2024 Professional Practicum Program students by sending university is as follows:

University No. of Students
The Australian National University 16
RMIT University 13
Monash University 12
Murdoch University 9
The University of Western Australia 9
Griffith University 8
Queensland University of Technology 7
The University of Melbourne 7
La Trobe University 5
The University of Queensland 4
The University of Sydney 4
University of Technology Sydney 4
Western Sydney University 4
Curtin University 3
The University of Adelaide 3
UNSW Sydney 3
Macquarie University 1
Private Applicant 1
University of Canterbury (New Zealand) 1
Total 114

The breakdown by program is as follows:

Summer 2024 Academic Program Officers Announcement

ACICIS is pleased to announce the Academic Program Officers (APOs) for the Summer 2024 Professional Practicum Programs.

Ms Rara Dewayanti – Academic Program Officer for the Agriculture Professional Practicum;

Dr Rosdiana Sijabat – Academic Program Officer for the Business Professional Practicum;

Ms Dyah Pandam Mitayani – Academic Program Officer for the Creative Arts & Design Professional Practicum;

Dr Maharani Hapsari – Academic Program Officer for the Development Studies Professional Practicum;

Dr Pratiwi Utami – Academic Program Officer for the Journalism Professional Practicum;

Dr Thresia Dyah Wirastri – Academic Program Officer for the Law Professional Practicum; and

Dr Kelli Swazey – Academic Program Officer for the Sustainable Tourism Professional Practicum

We would like to sincerely thank our consortium members, for the support in promoting ACICIS programs and assisting students with their applications this year – we are grateful for the ongoing support!

ACICIS also gratefully acknowledges the financial support it has received through the Australian Government’s New Colombo Plan Mobility Program, which has partially underwritten the development of many ACICIS programs through the provision of student mobility grants.

Terima kasih banyak!

The ACICIS Study Indonesia Team