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    How do I choose regular curriculum subjects?
    Several methods of choosing regular curriculum subjects are suggested. One possibility is for students to choose a subject about which they know nothing and study it at a basic level, for example, Ethnography of Java. The readings would be in Indonesian. Another method is to choose subjects in which the concepts are already understood, for example, Sociology, and study it at basic level to focus on the language. Alternatively, choose a higher level subject in your own area of specialization and really stretch yourself.

    As the Flexible Language Immersion program is focused on Indonesian language acquisition, students must select courses in which all lectures, tutorials, and assessment are in Bahasa Indonesia, and as far as possible, all texts as well. In practice, however, the set readings for many subjects are in English as books available in Indonesian may not be available. Whilst ACICIS discourages students from studying subjects where the readings are in English, this can’t always be avoided. ACICIS encourages students to take as many subjects in Indonesian as possible to maximize the immersion experience. Students must consult ACICIS Yogyakarta staff before finalizing their subject choices. Home institutions have the right to determine guidelines for their own students who should notify ACICIS staff of these. It is not possible for students to find out precisely which courses are offered at UGM in any particular semester prior to departure, and ACICIS will not attempt to convert or translate Indonesian university units into Australian or other university equivalents.

    In addition to the courses outlined above, ACICIS offers several cultural activities which all ACICIS students at UGM may choose to join according to their interests. Information about these activities is provided during Orientation.

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