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You are still studying but you know that within a few months you will have to incorporate irremediably into the working world and the doubts are crowding in your head: what requirements you must meet as a candidate for a job, how you should prepare yourself to be able to dedicate yourself professionally to what you most Like or how to start looking for your first job. Keep reading because you are in the right place to clarify all your doubts. From the OIE, we have launched different initiatives to bring the business world to young students like you and among them, are the University-Business Meetings, where we will give you keys so that your incorporation into the labor market is a complete success. In our University-Business Meetings, you will have the opportunity to know the reality of the companies. Experts from member companies of the OIE will explain what profile of candidates they are looking for, what they value about their employees, what their day-to-day life is like, etc. All so you know more about the reality of companies today. In addition, an expert selection will give guidelines to all attendees from how to build your personal brand or how to use social networks to write your CV, organize the job search and pass a job interview. Write my Essay UK based