Dani Karuniawan

Program Coordinator

Dani Karuniawan (Dani) holds a degree in English Language Education from Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa University, Yogyakarta. At the beginning of his time at university, he was actively involved in Lentera Anak Bangsa (LAB) Yogyakarta, an NGO affiliated with Gusdurian Network, which focused on promoting diversity awareness for senior high school students. Dani also worked as an English Extracurricular Tutor at SMK Pangudi Luhur Leonardo, Klaten. He then went on to work as a tour guide at Yogya Tours, and at Komisi Pemilihan Umum (KPU) Kabupaten Klaten on the Sub-District Election Committee for Klaten Regent and Vice Regent 2015 election. After obtaining his undergraduate degree, he worked at NGO Gugah Nurani Indonesia and SOS Children’s Villages Indonesia as a Community Development Facilitator. In his leisure time, Dani enjoys taking part in a youth choir as a tenor singer.