Pranoto Iskandar

Law Professional Practicum (LPP) Academic Program Officer

The LPP Academic Program Officer for Summer 2023 is Pranoto Iskandar.

Mr Iskandar is the Founding Director of the Institute for Migrant Rights and is an O’Brien Fellow at the Faculty of Law, McGill University. 

He was the Inaugural Fellow for The Institute of Asia and Pacific Studies of the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus and has been a visiting scholar at University of Oslo’s Norwegian Centre for Human Rights and Cornell Southeast Asia Program.

He has written, edited and translated several books and articles on international law, constitutionalism, human rights, and migration. His most recent scholarly publications can be found in Social & Legal StudiesOxford University Comparative Law Forum, and the Journal of Contemporary Asia. Pranoto Iskandar serves on the editorial board of the International Journal of Migration and Border Studies and is Advising Editor for Borders and Migrations Studies Online, a multimedia database on human migration. Iskandar had lectured at several universities, including the Peking University’s School of Transnational Law, Monash University Malaysia, and some Indonesian law schools.