Dr Kelli Swazey

ACICIS Sustainable Tourism Professional Practicum (STPP) Academic Program Officer

The STPP Academic Program Officer for 2020 is Dr Kelli Swazey.

Dr. Swazey is a cultural anthropologist who researches the complex relationship between religion and culture in defining identities in the Indonesian public, and the role that tourism plays in those processes. She has served as a faculty member at the Center for Cross Cultural and Religious Studies (CRCS) at Gadjah Mada University’s Graduate School in Yogyakarta, and as a Visiting Professor at the Tourism Studies Program at Gadjah Mada’s Cultural Sciences Faculty. She has also designed and managed experiential education courses for students and educators in sites across Indonesia since 2011. Dr. Swazey is passionate about creating opportunities for collaborative knowledge production through projects combining research, public education, and media production with local scholars and communities. She is currently based in Hanoi developing sustainable frameworks for community-led educational tourism programs in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia.