Dr Ari Rakatama

Agriculture and Business Professional Practicum (APP/BPP) Academic Program Officer

The APP/BPP Academic Program Officer for Summer 2023 is Dr Ari Rakatama.

Ari is an Environmental and Agricultural Economist with more than 15-years of experience working in the field of agriculture, forestry, environment, and sustainable development.  Ari currently works at the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry. He is also an Associate Researcher and Consultant at the Institute for Development of Economics and Finance (INDEF); E.Co. Ltd Group (a consultancy firm based in the United Kingdom); and the Indonesian Forestry Certification Cooperation (IFCC).

Ari holds a PhD in Agricultural and Resource Economics from The University of Western Australia, MSc in Environmental and Energy Management from the University of Twente (Netherlands), and BSc in Agricultural Social Economics from the University of Lampung (Indonesia). During his four years living in Perth, Australia, he served as a committee member of the Association of Indonesian Postgraduate Students and Scholars in Australia (AIPSSA) and became the President of AIPSSA in 2018. Formerly, he was also a Casual Academic Staff in UWA School of Agriculture and Environment.

He has had published works, and acted as a reviewer, in some international reputable scientific journals.