Program Assistant

Salsabila (Asa) is currently working as a Program Assistant at ACICIS in Jakarta since November 2023. Before joining ACICIS, she worked as the Director’s Assistant at Jakarta International Photo Festival, where she gained valuable experience in coordinating and supporting various photography-related projects. Asa also worked as a Program Assistant at PannaFoto Institute, where she contributed to planning and executing photography workshops and exhibitions.

In addition to her local experience, Asa has a degree in International Relations from UPN Veteran Jakarta. With her background in International Relations and a focus on visual diplomacy and photographic diplomacy, Asa brings a unique perspective to her role as a Program Assistant at ACICIS. She is passionate about promoting cultural understanding and exchange through the power of visual arts. In her free time, Asa enjoys painting, participating in cultural activities, and expanding her knowledge in the field of international relations.

Furthermore, Asa has served as Indonesia’s Representative at PPDC Foundation South Korea, actively participating in promoting peace and diplomacy. She has also represented International Peace Bureau in Barcelona as a Media Representative, contributing to the organization’s efforts in advocating for peace and disarmament. As an International Member of Seoul Democracy Forum, Asa has been involved in discussions and initiatives focused on democracy and human rights. These diverse experiences have further enriched her understanding of international relations and strengthened her commitment to fostering global cooperation and understanding.