Ms Dyah Pandam Mitayani

Creative Arts and Design Professional Practicum (CADPP)
Academic Program Officer

The CADPP Academic Program Officer for Summer 2024 is Ms Dyah Pandam Mitayani.

Dyah Pandam Mitayani (Mita) is an education and design specialist. She holds a Master of Arts in Education and Cultural Settings from King’s College London. With a background in curating and program management, Mita has extensive experience in designing exhibitions and educational programs for arts and cultural institutions. She is the co-founder of Southeast Asia Museum Services (SEAMS), a consultancy dedicated to conveying the meanings of cultural and art collections to the public in creative, engaging, and accessible ways. Through her work at SEAMS, Mita has collaborated with various clients and partners including UNESCO, the Western Australian Museum, the National Museum of Indonesia, Jakarta History Museum and other museums across Indonesia. Some of her notable projects include the development of the ‘Tetangga: People, Places, and Objects Across Borders’ exhibition, as well as ‘Stories from Ombilin UNESCO World Heritage Site’ exhibition. Mita lives in Yogyakarta and enjoys visiting art galleries and museums, tasting coffee, and spending quality time with her cat.