Liam Prince

ACICIS Consortium Director

Liam Prince was appointed Consortium Director in July 2018. As Consortium Director, Liam provides executive leadership of ACICIS and is responsible for all aspects of the consortium’s operations— both in Australia and Indonesia. Liam is an energetic advocate for ACICIS and its mission to increase the number of Australian university students undertaking study at Indonesian institutions of higher learning. As the Director of ACICIS, Liam is frequently called upon to make the case for greater bilateral educational exchange between Australia and Indonesia to a diverse audience of Australian and Indonesian governments, business representatives, higher education administrators, and the general publics of both countries.

Liam joined ACICIS’ Perth team as a Secretariat Officer in 2012. Prior to taking up the role within the Secretariat, Liam was working closely with then ACICIS Consortium Director, Professor David Hill AM, on an ALTC Teaching Fellowship focused on developing a national plan for the future of Indonesian language studies in Australian universities.

From 2014-2018 Liam served as ACICIS Secretariat Manager, heading a small team (of 6 staff) at the consortium’s national secretariat at The University of Western Australia in Perth.  As Secretariat Manager, Liam was responsible for general management of the Secretariat’s day-to-day operations, routine relations and communication with the consortium’s 25 member universities, and the provision of business data and analysis to the consortium’s governing body – the National Reference Group. During his time as Secretariat Manager, Liam served in a leadership team at ACICIS that oversaw a period of rapid growth in both the scale and complexity of the consortium’s operations. Since 2013 ACICIS has tripled in size – with the annual number of students studying in Indonesia through the consortium increasing from 135 in 2013 to over 400 in 2018, the number of in-country study options increasing from eight to sixteen, and the number of ACICIS staff working in Australia and Indonesia increasing from 10 personnel in 2013 to 30 personnel in 2018.

Liam completed his initial undergraduate studies in Economics and Indonesian at The University of Western Australia in 2006. In 2012 he obtained First Class Honours in Indonesian from UWA’s School of Social and Cultural Studies. His dissertation, entitled “All the Way with OVJ: Javanese theatre on Indonesian television – A case study of Trans7’s Opera Van Java, examined the reinvention of late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Javanese theatrical traditions for early twenty-first-century Indonesian television audiences.  Liam spent a semester as a student in Yogyakarta with ACICIS in 2000 and has ever after been scheming at ways various and novel to get himself back to Indonesia.