Fikri Nurlhida

Program Assistant

Fikri joins ACICIS in October 2023 as a Program Assistant for Bogor programs. Back in 2020 he  worked as a student buddy for the Agriculture Professional Practicum Program. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Forestry from IPB University. He has his interest in ecotourism, biodiversity, environmental education, as well as community development.

During his second year in IPB University, Fikri participated in the SUIJI-SLP, an international service-learning program where he created an environmental education program for the surrounding community near IPB University. Then he decided to continue broadening his knowledge and experience by joining a Student Exchange Program to South Korea. He also received a scholarship to participate in an Environmental Conference in Singapore, where he honed his leadership and problem-solving skills with other participants from all around Asia.  He has worked as a freelance International Ecotourism Guide, while conducting biodiversity and environmental education to the tourists.

Fikri joined ACICIS as he wants to be connected to the globalised world and a part of ACICIS’ effort in providing education, collaboration, support, and network between Indonesia and Australia, especially in the field of agricultural education.