Dr Kelli Swazey

Sustainable Tourism Professional Practicum (STPP)
Academic Program Officer

The STPP Academic Program Officer for Summer 2024 is Dr Kelli Swazey.

Kelli Swazey is an anthropologist and consultant based in Indonesia. Her research has focused on identity in the public sphere, representation, identity and tourism, and the rights of minority communities in the Asia Pacific.

She has served as a faculty member at the Center for Cross Cultural and Religious Studies (CRCS) at Gadjah Mada University’s Graduate School in Yogyakarta and a Visiting Professor at the university’s Tourism Studies Program. She also designs and manages cross-cultural educational programs and media production in collaboration with local communities in the Asia Pacific. Dr Swazey is currently serving as a consultant for the Educational and Cultural Bureau of the US State Department’s international educational exchange programs in East Asia and the Pacific, providing support to Fulbright Binational Commissions and  regional partners to develop their own approaches to DEIA initiatives in their national and cultural contexts.