Citra Reswara Gantiaji

ACICIS Tours Coordinator

Citra Reswara Gantiaji (Citra) holds a degree in Pharmacy from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at Universitas Islam Indonesia, Yogyakarta. She joined ACICIS as an administrative intern and student buddy in January 2015. Upon graduating in March 2015, Citra began working full time with ACICIS as the Program Assistant. Citra is currently responsible for the ACICIS Tours. Outside of work, Citra volunteers at the Australia-Indonesia Youth Association as the Jakarta Chapter President, and Alumni Officer of the Conference of Australian and Indonesian Youth. Her passion for Australia-Indonesia relationship and her experience in promoting youth to youth relations have motivated her to further her engagement with the ASEAN-Australia community to improve the relationship and build people-to-people links through her involvement as a Board Director at ASEAN-Australia Strategic Youth Partnership. She loves spicy food and spends most of her free time exploring Indonesia’s best beaches.