Masya Siregar

Bandung Program Assistant

Masya Siregar joined ACICIS as a Bandung Program Assistant in 2019. She recently obtained her bachelor degree in International Relations from Parahyangan Catholic University, focusing on Media and Public Diplomacy. She is passionate about peace education, cross-cultural communication, and volunteering.

During her studies, Masya was involved in activities and organisations such as KSMPMI (Kelompok Studi Mahasiswa Pengkaji Masalah Internasional), AIESEC Bandung, CISV (Children International Summer Village) Indonesia, and many other committees within UNPAR. Most of her youth was spent with CISV Indonesia, having been appointed to lead a delegation consisting of 9 children to a program in France 2017, to staff an international camp in Bandung in 2018, among other activities.