Aulia Rahmat

Aulia Rahmat

Bandung Program Assistant

Aulia Rahmat (Mat) joined ACICIS as a Bandung Program Assistant in 2018, right after obtaining his International Relations degree at Universitas Padjadjaran, Jatinangor.

During his uni life, Mat volunteered with some international projects and joined in youth organisations on his campus, managing a lot of youth development projects. His deep interest in cross-cultural interactions made him a regular host family for AIESEC’s projects in Bandung, and sometimes a local volunteer for AIESEC. Prior to joining ACICIS, he was just a university student with lots of time to spare, and in his spare time, he learned the art of magic (the sleight-of-hands kind of magic, not the demon-summoning kind) and the art of poetry.

December 5th, 2018|Categories: Bandung|

December 5th, 2018|