Allysa Ramadhani

Program Assistant

Allysa Ramadhani (Allysa) is an ACICIS Program Assistant. Allysa Ramadhani (Allysa) joined ACICIS as a Program Assistant in July 2023. She earned her bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Universitas Gadjah Mada. While she attended her classes, she was the Head of Research and Development at her university’s foreign policy community, where she managed various writing programs, including microblogs and op-eds.

In 2021, Allysa embarked on a semester exchange program at the University of Warsaw in Poland to study security systems in the Asia-Pacific region and European languages, cultures, and history.  In her spare time, she enjoys cafe hopping and exploring world cuisines. Through these adventures, Allysa finds joy in broadening her perspectives and connecting with our global community today, which became her drive when she joined ACICIS.