Language Test
When students first arrive in Yogyakarta, a ‘placement test’ will be taken, to determine language level. This test will then be the deciding factor in regards to what subjects students take. Students are encouraged to choose a mix of language classes as well as a immersion classes at Universitas Gadjah Mada.

Language Subjects at  Indonesian Language and Culture Learning Service (INCULS)
Units in Bahasa Indonesia for foreigners are offered by Gadjah Mada’s Indonesian Language and Culture Learning Service (INCULS). Indonesian is taught at three levels: Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced. Classes are taught each morning between 9am and 1pm, Monday to Thursday. The program is modular with the following electives on offer:

  • Grammar
  • Writing
  • Conversation
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading

At the Advanced level, students may also take up to three elective units: Bahasa Indonesia Untuk Riset (Indonesian for Research); Terjemahan Inggris-Indonesia (English – Indonesian Translation); and Terjemahan Jepang/ Indonesia (Japanese – Indonesian Translation). To get an idea of the standard of language tuition program at INCULS, see the 2016 semester syllabus and lesson plans for each of the three levels below (included here as a guide only):

Immersion Subjects
Immersion subjects can be chosen from any faculty in the university. ACICIS staff will assist you in determining a good mix of units for your timetable. While ACICIS students enjoy flexibility in terms of enrolment choices, they are subject to the same assessment criteria as local students. Assessment varies between faculties and will depend on each unit individually, but typically involves:

  • Class attendance;
  • In-class presentation;
  • Short essay/ assessment (eg. Book review);
  • Long essay/ group report;
  • Mid-semester exam;
  • Final semester exam.

What mix of language and regular subjects should I take at UGM?
Beginners (with no or very little previous Indonesian language) are advised to take a full 12 credit points of language instruction at the beginner level for a total of 12 contact hours per week, over 14 weeks amounts to 168 hours of instruction. Candidates may elect to enrol in one regular unit for the experience (usually a unit delivered in the English language).
Intermediate students (with less than 4 semesters of university level Indonesian language, or equivalent) should choose a mixture of INCULS and regular subjects based on placement test outcomes and interest.

Advanced students (with 4 or more semesters of university level Indonesian language, or equivalent) should be seeking to maximise enrolment in regular units. At four or more semesters of Indonesian language, candidates may prefer to enrol in one or two INCULS units to consolidate in weak areas. At 6+ semesters, however, candidates should be enrolling in a full-immersion program (all regular classes, no INCULS).

If you are required to enrol in matching courses for credit purposes, please contact ACICIS well in advance of the semester.

Extra Curricular Activities
In addition to regular classes; students at UGM can choose to take a variety of organised extra curricular activities. Some of these are the normal student clubs that thrive at any university (such as drama, debating, exploring, music, sports etc) and others are specifically provided by INCULS.